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Cyber Security Outsourcing Services

Cyber security should be a new focus for every organization. Cybercrime become one of the major risk threats to all industry even to a government sector. However, cyber security requires high investment and all details are mandatory. According to factors mentioned, many organizations rather accept the risks of not having any cyber security protection or minimize the investment. As a result, the organization is still in a high risk of cyber attack from low efficiency of protection. Not only tools and policies that is essential for high quality protection, but human resources also play a big role on every process of cyber security.

We are aware of all the risks that our customers are concerned, and we believe that our Cyber Security Outsourcing Service is one of the best solutions to keep our customers safe from cyber attacks with following service procedure:

  • Cyber Security Review and Recommendation
  • Administration Service
  • Integration Tools and Service with Current Environment
  • Solution Service


Tools and policies of cyber security is a delicate factor for a perfect protection. To ensure that all elements will maximize organization’s cyber security system, our Security Assessment Service provides risk analysis service, review all design, set up and related policies with consulting service to maximize the potential of protection.


We provide onsite tools set up service and connect existing system to cyber security system with administrator throughout the period of use.


Optimizing tool’s potential required quantity and quality of experts. We provide cyber security team that will be responsible for set up, edit and detect all incidences that may occur e.g. Firewall, Proxy, VPN, Antivirus and EDR, PAM and DLP.


We provide Cyber Security Solution according to organization’s need throughout the process, from project management, installation, system testing, after-sales service and admin services e.g. Privilege Access Management (PAM), Data Encryption.

What are the benefits of outsourcing?

Some of the most noteworthy benefits of outsourcing include that it’s cost-effective, saves time and space, and gives you the time you need to focus on your core business function and main duties.

What are the reasons for outsourcing?

Outsourcing is extremely helpful for all kinds of businesses. Most commonly, it’s used when businesses get a lot of customer queries and when they don’t have time to focus on every single aspect of the business or customer service.

Outsourcing these kinds of tasks helps you and your employees devote your attention to the main requirements of your business to keep things going smoothly.

How can outsourcing help your company?

Outsourcing less important tasks will free up time and space so you can focus on what you and your in-house team do best.

This ensures your team stays productive without having to focus on too many time-consuming tasks or having to hire and train more employees.