MDR (Managed Detection and Response) is an important element in assisting the company with incident visibility and response. Cloudsec Asia’s MDR Service provides centralized security monitoring, detects potential threats, analyzes and recommends incidents, and provides proactive response through Security Operation Center (SOC) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with agreed SLA to ensure the organization has the ability to handle incidents in the most efficient way.

What is the expense for log recording?

To collect logs data to be gathered in a central hub. Most organizations will choose to use two methods.

  1. Self-installing for Security Information and event management (SIEM) and operate manually. SIEM Tools are expensive and installation require a lot of time and afford. Also, expert maintenance is crucial to run the tools smoothly.
  2. Adopting outsource Security operation center that offer high quality tools and expert. But most of SOC service in the market charge customer as Event Per Second (EPS) or Log GB Per Day. And it is not flexible enough for Logs type priority. This will cost customer a very high expense comparing to the result.
What is Differentiators?
  • A unique experience in responding to multiple attack groups, large and complex environments, extensive compromise, and complex remedial activities.
  • Leverage the technology and threat intelligence feeds from leading global cybersecurity firm.
  • Network and endpoint technology to investigate incidents at scale.
  • Global knowledge with a deep understanding of local customer requirements.
Main features of the service What are included?
  • A provision of Cloudsec’s expert security consultants for targeted hunting of networks with the primary objective of probing any threats, compromised systems, and cyber attackers who might be concealing in the networks.
  • An assessment report of all the threat details, network and host evidence of threat presence, and recommendations to respond to and eliminate the cybersecurity threats.
  • Peace of mind that the systems are secured from cyber threats.