When forensic imaging, including full drive imaging, is necessary, our digital forensic assessment service can be used. This service is available as part of our enterprise incident response and rapid response service or as an individual service such as e-discovery in the event of a credit card leakage by scoping and identifying a system of interest, forensic imaging, forensic analysis, developing an action plan, and reporting every element of our procedure. Unlike other service providers, our customers will earn a unique experience in responding to multiple attack groups, large and complex environments, extensive compromise, and complex remedial activities. Multi-terabyte unstructured data will be investigated by our technology to determine the scope of the breach by looking at the broad picture for efficient coping response to all incidents and enhancing your company’s ability to prevent, detect, and respond to similar security incidents. Customers will receive a brief presentation with an executive summary report consisting of a thorough technical report that includes a diagnosis, evidence-based event timeline, impact, and suggestions.