When a company migrates its IT infrastructure and services to the cloud (IAAS, PAAS, or SAAS), there is a responsibility to secure a sharing model in the cloud. The cloud provider is responsible for physical, hardware, infrastructure, and some OS in serverless services, but the cloud customer or organization is responsible for data security, data loss prevention, patching for your own OS deployed in the cloud, and security for your application that runs on the cloud platform. Underestimated, under-assessed, and unreliable cloud services are at the root of many data breaches and security issues.


Organizations are responsible for the data and application store in the cloud platform. Cloudsec Asia services identify flaws and gaps in an organization’s existing security policies, procedures, and controls to help manage information security risk. By minimizing risks and assessing changing security compliance landscapes, the services assist in the protection of an organization’s data and applications in the cloud. It is critical to implement appropriate security and privacy protections. The services can handle a variety of issues:

Risk identification, management, and mitigation.
Risk assessment is to evaluate the level of an organization’s cybersecurity investment if it links to their business objectives.


Penetration testing is one of Cloudsec Asia’s most popular services, and the company is proud to have completed more than 650 successful projects. Cloud providers are responsible for infrastructure, serverless services, and software as a service in the public cloud infrastructure. Pen-testing is not required for cloud infrastructure, but it is required by some applications such as web services and corporate applications for the active analysis of the system to discover any weaknesses, security flaws, or vulnerabilities, and is carried out from the perspective of a potential attacker. Our specialties are

Web Application Penetration Testing and Mobile Application Penetration Testing on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.