Penetration Testing Service assesses an organization’s defense by simulating an attack on its network—the process from an important preventive measure. By identifying existing vulnerabilities and how an attacker would exploit them, organizations are empowered to proactively mitigate their most glaring security flaws. The process equips the security team with the knowledge and tools to circumvent an attacker’s next move.

The quality of a penetration test lies in its ability to provide actionable insight. Rather than just outlining an organization’s vulnerabilities and how they were exploited, Cloudsec Asia provides comprehensive post-simulation advisory services. A project report outlines all of the identified security vulnerabilities, along with risk assessment and mitigation recommendations. Cloudsec Asia also provides mitigation steps and presenting to various client stakeholders

Cloudsec Asia has an industry-leading team with an extensive background in information security consulting services. Their experience covers a wide range of security domains including internal networks, web, mobile applications, and specialized areas such as RFID, ATM, EDC, and telecommunication infrastructure. 


  • Scope defined and provided by the client
  • Employees are typically aware of the test
  • Rules are well defined
  • Systems are tested independently
  • Focus on prevention controls
  • Techniques: mapping, scanning, and exploiting
  • Result: vulnerabilities of specific systems