Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) automates the identification and remediation of risks in cloud infrastructures such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Through security assessments and automated compliance monitoring, CSPM tools and services enable organizations to gain and remedy risks. Many organizations wrongly believe that their cloud hosting provider is completely responsible for security after migrating to the cloud. This erroneous belief results in data breaches and other security failures.


Misconfigurations are common and often unexpected. Because public cloud infrastructure is programmable via APIs, misconfigurations present a significant risk to organizations. Mismanagement of many connected resources such as Kubernetes, serverless operations, and containers are a common cause of misconfigurations. As today’s enterprise environments are large and complicated, keeping track of and maintaining tens of thousands of resources and accounts is difficult. Cloudsec Asia offers intelligence tools and services such as continuously monitoring and assessing compliance policies, monitoring operations, managing incident response, risk identification, and classifying and inventorying assets in every cloud platform to ensure that no misconfigurations occur.


The implementation of custom controls is required to secure traffic between cloud-native applications. Identity-Based Segmentation enables the organization to monitor how the applications communicate while also preventing lateral movement threats. Cloudsec Asia offers intelligence tools and services that help security teams reduce risk and embrace the cloud without having to change networks or worry about performance such as workload identity, zero trust workload, identity base visibility, and enhanced workload defense.


The philosophy of DevSecOps is to integrate security practices into the DevOps process. Two seemingly contradictory goals, “speed of delivery” and “safe code,” are combined into one streamlined process in DevSecOps. Security testing is done continuously, without slowing down delivery cycles, in accordance with agile lean methods. Critical security issues are addressed as soon as they are identified and before they become a threat or compromised. Cloudsec Asia provides intelligence tools and services in the areas of version control system integration, security tool orchestration, security rule curation, and false positive detection.