Cookies Policy

The websites operated by Cloudsec Asia Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called “Company”) use cookies in order to track the number of site’s visitors and pages they visit to analyze, improve and develop the Company’s website for the utmost benefit for each user(s). The Company would like to inform you details of cookies and how they work as follows:

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files to be downloaded and stored in your internet-connected computer device, e.g. a computer, tablet, mobile phone or electronic device, which cause no harm to your computer device(s). Cookies will enable the website to recognize your preferences and usage history in order to use them when you re-visit the website. Your information stored in cookies shall be requested to display to serve all services, which you request from time to time.

Cookies will inform the Company as to which part(s) of the website you use in order for the Company to provide specific information to serve your interest. In addition, cookies will facilitate you to automatically access to the specific information which you request except deletion of such default from your computer system.

Information collected by using cookies.

You agree and acknowledge that cookies on the Company’s website will automatically collect your information and personal data as follows:

  • log file(s) e.g. your IP address and the date and time you visit the website;
  • details and behaviors regarding your usage on our website, e.g. webpages, activities on our website before log out, including content and duration during your visit;
  • your username and password in case you click on “remember password” function for login session;
  • category of browser to be used to visit our website;
  • domain name used to link to our website; and
  • your internet location.

The Company will use your IP address or the aforesaid information only to identify yourself only for the purpose of compliance with legal provision, for protection of the legitimate interest of the Company, and under the Privacy Policy of the Company. Please see more detail(s) in the Company’s Privacy Policy”.

Use of cookies

Herebelow are cookies which the Company uses in our websites:

1. Strictly necessary cookies

are cookies, necessary and essential for the operation of the Company’s website in order to enable the website to function properly.

2. Preferences/Functionality cookies

are cookies that the Company, used to recognize your identity and activities during your visit on the Company’s website. Such information shall be used only for your next visit to enable and provide service for you without any further configuration.

3. Analytic/Performance cookies

are cookies used to track the statistic information, e.g. the number of site’s visitors, visited web pages, including characteristics and behaviors of website user, for analysis and process of website development and modification.

4. Third-party cookies.

Sometimes there are third party cookies sending from various site(s) to the Company’s website, such as, YouTube cookies from video and playlist of YouTube channel, which are embedded in video and playlist, linking to third party website.

Please note that the Company shall not acknowledge and not responsible for the aforementioned cookies management of the third party. Therefore, we hereby request you to consider and review privacy practice guideline and cookies policy of the above third party before providing your personal data to the said third party.

Deleting and/or blocking cookies

By visiting and using the Company’s website means that you agree and acknowledge to the use of cookies of the Company as stipulated in this Cookies Policy. In case you wish to withdraw such consent to allow the use of cookies, you can delete and/or block cookies in the following browser(s) on your computer device:

The Company would like to inform you that by limiting the use of cookies, you may not be able to access all or full parts of the Company’s website.

Cookies policy amendment

The Company reserves the right to change or revise our Cookies Policy as the Company deems appropriate. You should review this Cookies Policy from time to time to stay informed and updated, for your own benefits.

This Cookies Policy is updated on January 1, 2021